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The OPENGAME project aims to contribute to the uptake of Open Education Resources and Open Education Practices among educators in Higher Education in an innovative and motivating way, by developing, testing and mainstreaming a gamified and situated learning experience on Open Education. In a nutshell, by taking part in an online game (on their computer or mobile phone) based on real life cases of application of open teaching approaches (where they will have to make choices on how to act and they will immediately appreciate the impact of these choices), university teachers will learn how to apply open approach (in terms of learning design, content, pedagogies and assessment) in their daily teaching. The OPENGAME project will work towards three specific objectives: 1. Foster awareness of HE educators to adopt OEP in their daily teaching, by mainstreaming successful “educators-centred” practices; 2. Increase motivation of HE educators towards adopting OEP by providing attractive and motivating testing environments as a gamified experience; 3. Develop capacity of HE educators to work with open approaches, through an engaging gamified learning experience on OEP.


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