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Title: Poster “Training in innovation and entrepreneurship in Primary Education” in TEEM 2018
Authors: González-Tejerina, S.
Keywords: Entrepreneurship
Primary Education
good educational practices
sense of initiative
Issue Date: 9-Jan-2019
Publisher: Grupo GRIAL
Abstract: The TEEM 2018 Conference was held in Salamanca (Spain) from October 24 to October 26, 2018. The Doctoral Consortium track was organized as a poster session. This is the poster corresponding to the paper “Training in innovation and entrepreneurship in Primary Education”. In recent years, entrepreneurship has been included in educational curricula from Primary to Higher Education, thus being a novel aspect that very few professionals know how to address in the education system. This doctoral thesis will be composed of a compendium of three studies. On the one hand, studies 1 and 2 follow a qualitative research methodology. In the first study, a Systematic Literature Rewiew is conducted in order to clarify and compare the concept of entrepreneurship and its development in Primary, Secondary and Higher Education. In the second study, good educational practices to promote entrepreneurship will be analyzed both nationally and internationally by means of documentary analysis and interviews to key stakeholders. On the other hand, study 3 will follow a survey methodology in order to analyze the perceived training needs for promoting entrepreneurship in Primary Education in the province of León and provide contextualized recommendations for a training proposal aimed at Primary Education teachers and tutors.
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