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Title: Polish political emigration in the nineteenth century
Other Titles: Polska emigracja polityczna w XIX wieku
Authors: Czekaj, Katarzyna
Keywords: MIH
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Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Społeczna Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Zarządzania
Abstract: The materials "Polish political emigration in the nineteenth century" may be used during investigation of subjects related to Polish history as well as political and social changes in Europe after the Congress of Vienna. It seems desirable to point out universal and everlasting character of the phenomenon of political exile and harassment of people, also today, because of their opinions and beliefs. The materials were arranged in such a way that the history of Polish immigrants (not only after uprisings) are presented against similar movements in Europe that resulted from anachronistic (comparing to the changes launched in Europe by the French Revolution) social and political order established by the Congress of Vienna. Special attention is paid to presentation of the political diversity of the environment of refugees, the perception of this movement among the societies of the continent, and the convergence of the goals of political exiles of various nationalities. In addition to the political objectives of their activities, the author tried to draw attention to some aspects of daily life in exile. Presenting the importance of artistic creations of emigrants, to propagate the objectives of the environment struggle among the international public opinion, was also considered an important issue.
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