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dc.contributor.authorDurán-Escudero, J.-
dc.description.abstractThis is the presentation of the paper entitled “An architectural proposal to explore the data of a private community through visual analytic” in the Learning Analytics Track of the TEEM 2017 International Conference held in Cádiz (Spain) in October 18-20, 2017. In this document, a proposal is made to study the data that will be generated in the private and anonymous community of the WYRED project, in order to extract knowledge about how their users interact, both between them, and with the platform. To do this, it is started with the creation of a system that will generate a set of test data, as close as possible to the original. With this information and considering the impact of privacy when dealing with the data of the project, a flexible and complete architecture has been proposed for the development of interactive visualizations that will allow to visualize the previously generated data. Finally, a use case is presented where the suitability of the visual analytic is demonstrated to perform analysis of the data of the project and to extract knowledge, in a simple way.en
dc.publisherGrupo GRIALen
dc.subjectSoftware architecturesen
dc.subjectVisual Learning Analyticsen
dc.titlePresentation of the paper “An architectural proposal to explore the data of a private community through visual analytic”en
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