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Title: Multicultural Interdisciplinary Handbook (MIH): Tools for Learning History and Geography in a Multicultural and ICT Perspective. In Technology Enhanced Learning: Quality of Teaching and Educational Reform. 1st International Conference, TECH-EDUCATION 2010, Athens, Greece, May 19-21, 2010.
Authors: Zangrando, Valentina
García Peñalvo, Francisco J.
Seoane Pardo, Antonio M.
Keywords: History
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2010
Abstract: Despite official educational guidelines, improved linguistic skills have been limited in all partner countries due to cuts in their national budgets. As a consequence CLIL experiences have been lessened, to the sole benefit of those involving English. Another reason for this project resides in the difficulty in modifying the guidelines of national programmes, which are often shortsighted as far as other cultures are concerned. Finally, all European reports point out the shortage of materials and ICTbased contests suitable for interdisciplinary and multicultural education in school. The MIH (Multicultural Interdisciplinary Handbook) project meets these needs by providing new tools that will help teachers and pupils to plunge deeper into the culture and the language of another nation via its memorials, its history and its landscape/geography. Moreover, it intends to promote the common European identity, as it introduces a European perspective in the schools’ History and Geography programmes, which are usually confined to national borders.
ISSN: 1865-0929 (Print)
1865-0937 (Online)
13 978-3-642-13165-3 (Print)
10 3-642-13165-4 (Online)
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