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Title: Framework Design for WP6: Activity Tool Kit
Authors: Yılmaz Doğan, Y.
Arati, D.
Keywords: WYRED
Issue Date: 30-May-2017
Publisher: Grupo GRIAL
Abstract: WP6 focuses on the second part of the WYRED cycle, where the consortium facilitates a wide range of exploratory activities, called research activities, in which groups of young people, internationally or locally, investigate and examine issues that concern them in the digital arena. The range of actions envisaged includes research projects, where a social issue is addressed and solutions are explored and discussed, surfacing attitudes and understandings are highlighted through reflection in the process; creative projects, making use among others of video, theatre, web publishing, comics, music, art, various events etc., to express attitudes and understanding through the chosen medium; journalistic approaches, to observe, document, record and comment on social phenomena, either online or offline, and to produce documentary outputs in different media; action research and ethnographic projects, in which participants explore their own perceptions in their day-to-day lives, e.g. through journals or video blogging; solidarity projects, where a specific problem is identified and practical solutions are implemented, and where the output is a narrative of the issues and the problems faced in solving them. The research groups will be made up of participants previously engaged in the network building and in the social dialogue phases. Much of the work will involve creative activities by young people in response to a particular question or issue, and once the groups have been formed, the partners will facilitate the process of the groups’ activities. As in the previous stage, interaction during the research activities will ideally take place on the platform, though some users may prefer other media. Each group working on a research activity will have a dedicated space on the platform to record and review work progress. This stage will generate quantitative data, narratives, artefacts such as videos, digital stories, publications, music, art, reports, images etc. The outputs of the research activities will be stored in the WYRED platform repository. The partners involved will facilitate the process where necessary and as far as possible, bearing in mind that, as outlined in the guidelines, each group will remain autonomous.
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