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Title: Manifesto Children and Young People. English Version
Authors: WYRED Consortium
Keywords: WYRED
Issue Date: 12-Mar-2017
Publisher: Grupo GRIAL
Abstract: A central aim of the WYRED project is to give children and young people a voice, particularly in relation to research into issues that concern them, and how its results are discussed and presented. A manifesto written by the consortium exists to declare our intentions. We hope that the children and young people participating in WYRED will contribute to their own manifesto. With the help of a group of young people in Belgium, we have created a “seed” manifesto, with some bullet points to start, but we cannot do more, since this manifesto should represent the voices of children and young people. This will be placed on a wiki page on the WYRED platform. All the children and young people participating can add ideas or comment.
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