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Title: Exploring Software Engineering Subjects by Using Visual Learning Analytics Techniques.
Authors: Conde-González, M. Á.
García-Peñalvo, Francisco J.
Gómez-Aguilar, D. A.
Therón, R.
Keywords: visual analytics
learning analytics
decision making
learning management systems
analítica visual
analítica de aprendizaje
toma de decisiones
sistemas de gestión del aprendizaje
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Conde, M. Á., García-Peñalvo, F. J., Gómez-Aguilar, D. A., & Therón, R. (2015). Exploring Software Engineering Subjects by Using Visual Learning Analytics Techniques. IEEE Revista Iberoamericana de Tecnologías del Aprendizaje (IEEE RITA), 10(4), 242-252. doi:10.1109/RITA.2015.2486378
Abstract: The application of the Information and Communication Technologies to teaching and learning processes is linked to the development of new tools and services that can help students and teachers. Learning platforms are a clear example of this. They are very popular tools in eLearning contexts and provide different kinds of learning applications and services. In addition, these environments also register most of the interactions between the learning process stakeholders and the system. This information could potentially be used to make decisions but usually it is stored as raw data, which is very difficult to understand. This work presents a system that employs visual learning analytic techniques to facilitate the exploitation of that information. The system presented includes several tools that make possible to explore issues such as: when interaction is carried out, which contents are the most important for users, how they interact with others, etc. The system was tested in the context of a software engineering subject, taking into account the stored logs of five academic years. From this analysis it is possible to see how visual analytics can help decision-making and in this context how it helps to improve educational processes.
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