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Title: Patrimonio Virtual del Territorio: Diseño e implementación de Recursos Educativos en Realidad Aumentada y Navegación Peatonal Móvil
Authors: Joo Nagata, Jorge
García-Bermejo Giner, José
Martínez Abad, Fernando
Keywords: augmented reality
computer aided instruction
mobile computing
realidad aumentada
instrucción asistida por ordenador
Issue Date: Mar-2015
Publisher: VAEP-RITA Vol. 3, Núm. 1, Mar. 2015
Abstract: In this research we intend to establish the relationships between local heritage educational content of software Pedestrian Navigation Systems Mobile-Augmented Reality and learning processes through mobile devices. In this context, we will create a process of teaching and learning linked to urban heritage, determining their educational effectiveness with these tools. Methodological research focuses on two dimensions: technological design of mobile learning platform and in determining educational modes of understanding of the program. We hope to build a patrimonial thematic unit and determine the significance in mLearning-uLearning processes, considering elements of identity and local culture.
ISSN: 2255-5706
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