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Title: Poland - First World War
Other Titles: Erster Weltkrieg
Primera Guerra Mundial
I Wojna Światowa
Första världskrigets "utbrott”
Authors: Czekaj, Katarzyna
Keywords: EHISTO
Lifelong education
Learning objects
Objetos de aprendizaje
Educación permanente
Issue Date: 16-Oct-2014
Abstract: The presented module deals with the issue of the outbreak of World War I and its coverage in popular science magazines (in this case – in Polish, German and Spanish periodicals), as well as in Polish school textbooks. The subject matter of the articles, along with the suggested tasks, focuses on the reaction of the societies of various countries in Europe and the world to the events that took place in the summer of 1914. Comparing the presentation of that topic in texts coming from several different countries helps students to understand the various ways of perceiving the same facts and events by historians and readers of different nationalities. Thanks to the analysis of the said texts, students learn that the outbreak of that international conflict, as well as the issue of responsibility for its escalation, in 1914 were interpreted in a completely different way than they are in our times. The perspectives varied not only in individual countries, but also among individual groups in one society. The module includes both text analysis exercises (concerning popular science articles and texts in school textbooks) and iconographic material analysis. The module particularly focuses on linking the discussed historical issues to still relevant problems known to students, such as the role of marketing and propaganda in shaping the public feeling and societies' perception of armed conflicts in the past and nowadays.
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