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Title: Sweden - Causes of World War I: The outbreak of the First World War in popular history magazines
Other Titles: Gründe für den Ersten Weltkrieg: Der Beginn des Ersten Weltkriegs in populären Geschichtsmagazinen
Causas de la Primera Guerra Mundial: El Estallido de la Primera Guerra Mundial en las revista de divulgación histórica
Przyczyny pierwszej wojny światowej: Wybuch pierwszej wojny światowej w czasopismach popularnonaukowych o tematyce historycznej
Orsaker till första världskriget: Första världskriget i populärhistoriska tidskrifter
Authors: Nygren, Thomas
Keywords: EHISTO
Lifelong education
Learning objects
Objetos de aprendizaje
Educación permanente
Issue Date: 16-Oct-2014
Abstract: World War I is a central event in contemporary history. It can be regarded as the start of the short 20th century (1914-1989) involving horrific wars and a reshaping of Europe. The causes of the war, which lasted between 1914 and 1918, are often explained with how political tensions, alliances and imperialist aspirations made a minor dispute turn into a major war. On the one hand, we have Germany and Austria – Hungary, the so-called central powers, and on the other hand, we have France, Russia and the United Kingdom: the triple entente. The triple entente also included Serbia and later Japan, Italy, Romania and the United States. Sweden was declared neutral and, for this reason was not directly involved in the war. Still, Sweden was affected in many ways. Rationing and economic problems with international trade affected daily life. With dismay the contemporary Swedes could read about the war in the trenches, which strengthened the peace movements in Sweden.
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