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Title: Learning Analytics in Spanish K-12 levels: A Systematic Literature Review
Authors: Donate-Beby, B.
García-Peñalvo, F. J.
Amo-Filva, D.
Keywords: Learning methods
innovation behavior
data processing
data visualization
Issue Date: 27-Dec-2023
Citation: Donate-Beby, B., García-Peñalvo, F. J., & Amo-Filva, D. (2023). Learning Analytics in Spanish K-12 levels: A Systematic Literature Review. UTE Teaching & Technology (Universitas Tarraconensis)(2), 63–86.
Abstract: Learning analytics is defined as the measurement, collection, analysis, and presentation of data about learners and their contexts to understand and optimize learning and the environments in which it occurs. Although their usefulness could be fundamental to recognize students’ learning processes, there is no clear framework on the current state of development of learning analytics in the K-12 Spanish territory. The present work aims to increase knowledge on the empirical frame of the question through a Systematic Literature Review (SLR). The methodology follows the indications provided by the PRISMA procedure. As a result, 16 papers have been selected and analyzed using different research indicators. The most significant findings within the selected papers are a lack of research where teachers have maintained an active role in the development of Learning Analytics in the natural educational context. Also, it has been found a tendency for the prediction and improvement of student engagement and performance on Game Learning Analytics in different knowledge or competencies.
ISSN: 1135-1438
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