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dc.description.abstractThe CReLES project focuses on the support and strategies needed in all levels of school leadership in order to facilitate the needs of a diverse multicultural classroom and a diverse multicultural school. As part of this research initiative, we are keen to receive feedback from school leaders on strategies, supports, and challenges to leadership in school environments that have students with a migration background. The survey consists of 4 short sections and will take the average respondent approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete. Section 1 is for the purpose of providing an outline profile of schools. Section 2 is for the purpose of providing an outline profile of school leaders. Section 3 is for the purpose of exploring culturally responsive practices in schools. Section 4 is for the purpose of exploring culturally responsive challenges and supports in schools.en
dc.publisherCReLES consortiumen
dc.subjectculturally responsive leadershipen
dc.subjectmigrant studentsen
dc.subjectcultural responsivityen
dc.subjectexploratory surveyen
dc.titleSupporting Culturally Responsive Leadership and Evaluation in Schools – The Austrian questionnaireen
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