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Title: Attracting Women to STEM at UCR
Authors: Romero Chacón, R. M.
Marín Raventós, G.
de Lemos Medina, L.
Trejos Zelaya, J.
Vásquez Soto, C.
Keywords: Women
Issue Date: 16-Jul-2022
Publisher: W-STEM Consortium
Citation: Romero Chacón, R. M., Marín Raventós, G., de Lemos Medina, L., Trejos Zelaya, J., & Vásquez Soto, C. (2022). Attracting Women to STEM at UCR (1.0). Zenodo.
Abstract: In Costa Rica, there are currently many initiatives for reducing the gender gap in STEM, however it is necessary to strengthen, systematize and link them so that the desired effect can be achieved. Admission processes at our university are complex and require the participation of different instances. However, we have found a lot of willingness and desire to collaborate with the W-STEM project. It is vitally important to position this issue in the media, for this it is necessary to establish a communication strategy that includes the visibility of the work carried out by scientists and technologists in our country and the region.
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