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Title: Intelligent Tutoring System for Computer Science Education and the Use of Artificial Intelligence: A Literature Review
Authors: Francisco, R. E.
de Oliveira Silva, F.
Keywords: Intelligent Tutoring System
Computer Science Education
Artificial Intelligence
Literature Review
Issue Date: 6-Apr-2022
Abstract: Education in computer science brings specific challenges to the teaching-learning process. Students spend a lot of time dealing with the complexity of problems and learning to use existing technologies. Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) is a technology that can contribute to this scenario, automating and adapting teaching to the student’s profile. This work presents a literature review on ITS’s for Computer Science Education, focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this scenario. We analyze the development and use of ITS’s in Computer Science Education and assess AI techniques, algorithms, and datasets. The results of this review point to challenges in research on aspects such as the unavailability and difficulty of reproducing datasets, the lack of in-depth explanations about the relationship between AI techniques and these ITS data, the need to deepen these techniques of AI, and the need for more research about software engineering to ITS. This work contributes to providing opportunities to this research area that can help the digital transformation of Computer Science Education.
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