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dc.contributor.authorShaqour, A.-
dc.contributor.authorSalha, S.-
dc.contributor.authorKhlaif, Z.-
dc.identifier.citationShaqour, A., Salha, S., & Khleif, Z. (2021). Students' Characteristics Influence Readiness to Use Mobile Technology in Higher Education. Education in the Knowledge Society, 22, Article e23915.
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of the current study was to explore students' characteristics that influence student's readiness to use mobile technology at An-Najah National University in Palestine. The researchers used a mixed- methods approach to achieve the purpose of the study. 214 students from different schools were participated in the study. A descriptive and one-way ANOVA to test the hypotheses were used in data analysis stage. The findings of the study revealed that the availability of tech-nology is an important factor to use mobile technology in higher education, as well as the stu-dent's capability to use mobile technology for her study. Furthermore, student's attitudes towards mobile technology integration play crucial role in student's readiness to use it. Higher education institutions could benefit from the findings of the study through designing capacity building pro-grams for students to encourage them to use the mobile services inside and off campus. One of the limitations of the study was collecting data from one higher education institutions in Palestine. Furthermore, it depends on only on students' perspectives without including instructors' per-spectives about students' readiness to use mobile technology.en
dc.publisherEdiciones Universidad de Salamancaen
dc.subjectHigher Educationen
dc.subjectMobile technologyen
dc.titleStudents' Characteristics Influence Readiness to Use Mobile Technology in Higher Educationen
dc.title.alternativeLas características de los estudiantes influyen en la disposición a utilizar la tecnología móvil en la enseñanza superioren
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