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Title: Specifying information dashboards’ interactive features through meta-model instantiation
Authors: Vázquez-Ingelmo, A.
García-Peñalvo, F. J.
Therón, R.
García-Holgado, A.
Keywords: Information Dashboards
Information Visualization
Issue Date: 19-Sep-2020
Citation: A. Vázquez-Ingelmo, F. J. García-Peñalvo, R. Therón, and A. García- Holgado, "Specifying information dashboards’ interactive features through meta-model instantiation," in Proceedings of LASI-SPAIN 2020. Learning Analytics Summer Institute Spain 2020: Learning Analytics. Time for Adoption? (Valladolid, Spain, June 15-16, 2020), A. Martínez-Monés, A. Álvarez, M. Caeiro-Rodríguez, and Y. Dimitriadis Eds., (CEUR Workshop Proceedings Series, no. 2671). Aachen, Germany:, 2020, pp. 47-59.
Abstract: Information dashboards1 can be leveraged to make informed decisions with the goal of improving policies, processes, and results in different contexts. However, the design process of these tools can be convoluted, given the variety of profiles that can be involved in decision-making processes. The educative context is one of the contexts that can benefit from the use of information dashboards, but given the diversity of actors within this area (teachers, managers, students, researchers, etc.), it is necessary to take into account different factors to deliver useful and effective tools. This work describes an approach to generate information dashboards with interactivity capabilities in different contexts through meta-modeling. Having the possibility of specifying interaction patterns within the generative workflow makes the personalization process more fine-grained, allowing to match very specific requirements from the user. An example of application within the context of Learning Analytics is presented to demonstrate the viability of this approach.
ISSN: 1613-0073
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