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Title: Dissemination Strategy
Authors: RoboSTEAM Consortium
Keywords: RoboSTEAM
Computational Thinking
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2019
Publisher: RoboSTEAM Consortium
Citation: RoboSTEAM Consortium. (2019, October 31). Dissemination Strategy (Version 0.1). Zenodo.
Abstract: This deliverable compiles a coherent dissemination and communication strategy and puts together a synopsis of all measures that will be adopted to reach the overall goals and objectives behind this strategy. All these measures shall ensure the high visibility, accessibility and promotion of the project and its outputs. Rather than depending on occasional opportunities, this communication strategy aims at laying the foundation for a regular flow of information within the consortium partners, and the use of highly established networks. Stakeholder contacts will play an important role in the efficient dissemination and awareness-raising strategy during the whole project period. Moreover, this document also provides the Key Performance Indicators for the evaluation of the Communication and Dissemination Strategy. This document holds a set of manuals to guide all consortium partners during their communication and dissemination actions that will be updated and adjusted as the project progresses.
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