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Title: WYRED Final Independent Ethical Review. WP10_D10.12
Authors: Mannion, G.
Keywords: WYRED
Digital Society
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2019
Publisher: WYRED Consortium
Abstract: This report is an independent ethical review at the end of the H2020 project WYRED. The ethical assessment allows for an examination of the ethical aspects of the project and does not seek to make judgements about the findings or the efficacy or value of the project outside of an ethical concern. However, since the bulk of the inputs and process and outputs of WYRED were in many ways connected to an ethical commitment to the rights of young people to have a say in digital matters that affect them, there is some overlap between an evaluation of the ethical aspects and the sense of the worthiness of the research. The report follows an earlier interim report. In that previous report, some ethical issues were highlighted, and recommendations were made to help ensure the continued success of the project. This report now looks back at the completed project, reviewing its ethical aspects.
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