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Title: Towards the Mobile-Learning in the School: Analysis of Critical Factors on the Use of Tablets in Spanish Schools
Authors: Fuentes, J. L.
Albertos, J. E.
Torrano, F.
Keywords: Tablets
Tecnología Educativa
Cambio metodológico
Educational Technology
Methodological change
Issue Date: 8-Apr-2019
Publisher: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca
Citation: Fuentes, J. L., Albertos, J. E., & Torrano, F. (2019). Towards the Mobile-Learning in the School: Analysis of Critical Factors on the Use of Tablets in Spanish Schools. Education in the Knowledge Society, 20, 3. doi:10.14201/eks2019_20_a3
Abstract: Tablets are considered nowadays between the main mobile technological devices that are able to foster different dimensions of learning linked to digital competence, such as mobile, ubiquitous, collaborative and creative learning, among others. Therefore, a growing number of schools are integrating Tablets in their teaching methods in diverse countries. The aims of this study is to analyse the integration of Tablets in Spanish Schools, taking into account some of the critical aspects of the educational-technological innovation. Results of a test completed by 1778 primary and secondary school students from 31 schools and 6 autonomous communities are provided. In an analysis of the main results, we found that there are no significant changes on teacher’s evaluation methods, with respect to the methods used before the introduction of Tablets; the lack of innovation methodologies associated with technology, especially those referred to videogames and on-line collaboration; the high level of coexistence between Tablets and other analogical resources, which points out the existence of a mixt model of technological integration; the receptivity to Tablets shown mainly by students, but also by teachers and parents; and the self-perception of improved academic achievement attributed to the use of Tablets, significantly better in those students with high and medium grades, but scarcely appreciable in those with low grades.
ISSN: 2444-8729
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