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Title: Using Learning Analytics to Detect Authentic Leadership Characteristics in Engineering Students
Authors: Sein-Echaluce, M. L.
Fidalgo-Blanco, Á.
Esteban-Escaño, J.
García-Peñalvo, F. J.
Conde, M. Á.
Keywords: authentic leadership
learning analytics
flip teaching
Issue Date: 1-May-2018
Citation: Sein-Echaluce, M. L., Fidalgo-Blanco, Á., Esteban-Escaño, J., García-Peñalvo, F. J., & Conde-González, M. Á. (2018). Using learning analytics to detect authentic leadership characteristics at engineering degrees. International Journal of Engineering Education, 34(3), 851-864.
Abstract: Previous research has shown that teamwork between students underpins the communication interactions among team members, and these interactions are underscored in the work environment, job quality, work outcome and, of course, grades. Analysing the interactions among the members of a team using a learning analytics system allows for a forma-tive evaluation that indicates the progress of each team member and taking remedial actions if appropriate progress has not been made. This paper uses a learning analytics system to study interactions between students and detect the values and attitudes demanded of a leader by society. The results of this analysis are keys for avoiding corruption and wrong practices and can even provide a solution to global intercultural troubles. In this study, a validated questionnaire of authentic leadership was given to 78 team members in a university context; the influence of some values and attitudes on leadership is proved with grades; and a learning analytics system was used to analyse information that could predict a leader’s behaviour during the development of teamwork.
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