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Title: E-EVALINTO Piloting final report
Authors: Zangrando, Valentina
Keywords: Report
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Publisher: Grupo GRIAL
Abstract: Besides the results obtained by the E-EVALINTO project as Intellectual output O2 (E-EVALINTO Training course design) and O3 (E-EVALINTO Environment) and the Multiplier event E1 held in Salamanca on September 2018, the main achievements of the project are related with the cooperation with schools in the partner countries, which made possible the testing of the intellectual outputs through the implementation of the teacher training course and the piloting of the peer mentoring actions with students. This report describes the activities carried out in each partner country regarding the implementation of the pilot in 16 secondary schools and collects feedback on the experience from both teachers and students. The final section of the report outlines the future plans to ensure the sustainability of the programme designed and its environment.
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