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Title: Poster “Metacognitive and Collaborative Arguing through Computers by University Students” in TEEM 2018
Authors: MacCann-Alfaro, N.
Keywords: Computer-based learning environment
computer-supported argumentation
Argumentation-Based Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (ABCSCL)
Higher Education
Issue Date: 9-Jan-2019
Publisher: Grupo GRIAL
Abstract: The TEEM 2018 Conference was held in Salamanca (Spain) from October 24 to October 26, 2018. The Doctoral Consortium track was organized as a poster session. This is the poster corresponding to the paper “Metacognitive and Collaborative Arguing through Computers by University Students”. The main objective of the research is to promote the development of argumentative skills in university students from the Social Work degree programme, through the promotion of metacognitive skills and collaborative work in a digital context. The research has characteristics of a mixed study with a quasi-experimental design with a control group since the experimentation occurs in natural groups in a real context. Using a quantitative methodology, pre and post measurement instruments will be applied, and statistical analysis will be carried out. Through the qualitative methodology, the development process of the aforementioned skills will be analysed from each student´s individual self-records and the argumentative discussions of the student teams. The population includes all new students who study the subject, The Social and Political History of Chile from the Social Work degree program, in a public University located in Chile. The Halpern Critical Thinking Assessment using Everyday Situations (HCTAES) was used to measure the students’ argumentative skills. The metacognitive skills were measured by the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ). Both instruments are translated and validated for the Latin-American population. The main result is contribution to the development of a systemic educational innovation model that integrates two great higher order thinking skills such as Metacognition and Argumentation through the use of ICT and collaborative work.
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