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Title: Trends in European research projects focused on technological ecosystems in the health sector
Authors: Marcos-Pablos, S.
García-Holgado, A.
García-Peñalvo, F. J.
Keywords: technological ecosystems
software ecosystems
European projects
health sector
systematic mapping
systematic literature review
European research
Issue Date: 24-Oct-2018
Publisher: ACM
Citation: Marcos-Pablos, S., García-Holgado, A., & García-Peñalvo, F. J. (2018). Trends in European research projects focused on technological ecosystems in the health sector. In F. J. García-Peñalvo (Ed.), Proceedings TEEM’18. Sixth International Conference on Technological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (Salamanca, Spain, October 24th-26th, 2018) (pp. 495-503). New York, NY, USA: ACM. doi:10.1145/3284179.3284263
Abstract: Over the past decade, the health domain has grown at a fast pace. The stakeholders are not only limited to patients, but also include formal and informal careers, doctors, research institutions and technological solution providers. As such, different technological ecosystems of interconnected health communities have arisen to adopt the best practices to improve the wellbeing and health of patients. In order to identify the lacks and opportunities in this area, this paper aims at providing a comprehensive overview of the ecosystems in the health domain, presenting a systematic mapping study of research projects developed in Europe and related to the field. The systematic mapping review was conducted on the AAL Programme, CORDIS and KEEP databases. The paper describes the methodology employed for conducting such a review, and provides an analysis of results that give an overview of the evolution of related European projects until today along with the conclusions obtained from the study
ISBN: 978-1-4503-6518-5
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