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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Nov-2019Female Only Apprenticeship Information SessionsWalker, R.
28-Nov-2019Gender equality & STEM: Best practice in government and institutional policyHarmoinen, S.
28-Nov-2019Good practices: Child care service roomContreras Ortiz, S. H.
27-Nov-2019Internal processes mappingCamacho Díaz, A.; García Ramos, L. E.; Peñabaena, R.; Pineda Padilla, A. P.
28-Nov-2019Irish Network for Gender Equality in Computer ScienceDevereux, M.
25-Nov-2019Main conclusions of the self-assessment made in participant HEIs on gender equity in STEM fieldsHarmoinen, S.; Heikkinen, M.; Pascual, J.; Mena, J. J.
27-Nov-2019Mentors for W-STEM-UTPLCueva Carrión, S. P.; Segarra, M. S.
12-Jan-2021Poster guidelines – Attraction CampaignsNeri Cortés, C.; Torres Ramos, S.; Retamoza Vega, P. R.; Fajardo Robles, N. S.; Rodríguez Betancourtt, V. M.; Pérez Carrillo, L. A.
12-Jan-2021Progress Tracking in Guadalajara Meeting: Building the future of Latin America: engaging women into STEM (W-STEM)Henao, K.
26-Nov-2019Promotion of gender balanced teams. Through Google initiatives and projects in universities to foster internationalizationGonzalez, M.; Pistili, K.
25-Mar-2019SAGA STI Policy SurveyBello, A.
28-Nov-2019Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit of the University of SalamancaGarcía-Holgado, A.; García-Peñalvo, F. J.
25-Mar-2019Situation of women in science in the world: An overall pictureBello, A.
14-Jan-2021Sustainability Plan: Advances at the Guadalajara MeetingO’Leary, C.; Contreras, S.; García-Holgado, A.; Villa, J. L.; Ojeda-Caicedo, V. V.; Heffernan, L.; Dunne, J.
5-May-2020Technical Meeting at Torino (online) - May 4th-5th 2020Tabacco, A.
12-Jan-2021Tracking the Progress of RecruitmentCondren, C.
27-Nov-2019W STEM Student GroupCamacho Díaz, A.; García Ramos, L. E.; Peñabaena, R.; Pineda Padilla, A. P.
8-May-2020W-STEM Action Point after technical meetings in Torino and DublinGarcía-Holgado, A.; García-Peñalvo, F. J.
28-Nov-2019W-STEM Good practicesRomero, R. M.
28-Nov-2019W-STEM – Benchmarking: Universidad Técnica del NorteRamírez, C.; Proaño, V.; Oviedo, W.