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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Sep-2019Activities/Indicators WP2Zauchner, S.
19-Dec-2018Advisory Board Meeting 4 Minutes. WP10_D10.5Kearney, N. A.
10-Dec-2019Advisory Board Meeting 5 Minutes. Deliverable number WP10_D10.6Kearney, N. A.
10-Dec-2019Advisory Board Meeting 6 Minutes. Deliverable number WP10_D10.7Kearney, N. A.
25-Sep-2017Children and Young People Today: Initial Insights from the WYRED ProjectGriffiths, D.; Kearney, N. A.; García-Peñalvo, F. J.; Seoane-Pardo, A. M.; Cicala, F.; Gojkovic, T.; O’Reilly, M.; Hauptman, A.; Yilmaz, Z.; Ottorino, D.; Zauchner-Studnicka, S.
25-Sep-2019Childrens Rights in a Digital WorldO’Reilly, M.; McMullen, M.; Butler, P.
24-May-2017The concept of social policies in SpainCruz Afonso, C.
22-Feb-2019CONVERSACIONES INTERNACIONALES. Estereotipos de género en InternetGarcía-Holgado, A.
14-Jan-2020Corpus of session reports v2 WP5_D5.2. Version 1.1WYRED Consortium
30-Nov-2018Corpus of session reports v2. WP5_D5.2Early Years
9-Dec-2019D8.8 Year 3 Valorisation ReportOxfam Italia
13-Mar-2019Delphi 3Hauptman, A.
29-Jun-2018Delphi – first 2 cyclesHauptman, A.
19-Nov-2018Delphi2 results (Cycle 2) and towards Delphi3Hauptman, A.
11-Mar-2019DOGA SCHOOLS WP6Yilmaz Dogan, Z.; Arati, D.
11-Mar-2019DOGA Video about Internet SafetyDoga Schools
30-Sep-2017El Proyecto WYREDGarcía-Peñalvo, F. J.
13-Nov-2017Engagements issues in WYRED. SWOT AnalysisWYRED Consortium
21-Mar-2019First Cycle Evaluation Report. WP7_D7.3. Version 1Butler, P.
30-May-2017Framework Design for WP6: Activity Tool KitYılmaz Doğan, Y.; Arati, D.