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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Dec-2018Análisis de herramientas virtuales basadas en sistemas de respuestas de audiencia para la evaluación del alumnado en educación secundaria y universidadMezquita Mezquita, J. M.
11-Dec-2018Gestión del Conocimiento para el Desarrollo de Inteligencias Colectivas con Herramientas WebNájar Sánchez, O.
9-Jan-2019Poster “Gender gap in the STEM sector in pre and university studies of Europe associated with ethnic factors” in TEEM 2018Verdugo-Castro, S.
9-Jan-2019Poster “Privacy and identity management in learning analytics processes with blockchain” in TEEM 2018Amo Filvà, D.
9-Jan-2019Poster “Utilizing technological ecosystems to support graduate students in their practicum experiences” in TEEM 2018Tinoco-Giraldo, H.
9-Jan-2019Poster “Metacognitive and Collaborative Arguing through Computers by University Students” in TEEM 2018MacCann-Alfaro, N.
9-Jan-2019Poster “Methodology for Improvement in Energy Efficiency Training Programs in Professional Environments” in TEEM 2018Barrio, F.
9-Jan-2019Poster “European higher education: a comparative analysis to evaluate the pedagogical training of professors and to investigate the different models developed by universities” in TEEM 2018Rivetta, M. S.
9-Jan-2019Poster “The ethical use of information during university students’ academic development” in TEEM 2018Gutiérrez, S. A.
9-Jan-2019Poster “How to correct the behavior of citizens from public entities? The case of Nudges” in TEEM 2018Cerezo-Prieto, M.