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Title: IMS-LD Technological Limitations to Design and Create Adaptive Learning Paths
Authors: Guerrero-Roldan, A. E.
Prieto-Blaquez, J.
Conesa, J.
Minguillon, J.
Keywords: IMS-LD
Adaptive learning
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2011
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Guerrero-Roldan, A. E., Prieto-Blaquez, J., Conesa, J., & Minguillon, J. (2011). IMS-LD Technological Limitations to Design and Create Adaptive Learning Paths. Bulletin of the Technical Commitee on Learning Technologies, 13(3), 27-29.
Abstract: IMS Learning Design9(IMS-LD) is a specification that proposes a metalanguage to describe all the elements related to the learning process itself. The specification is understood as a stage-play approach: people act in different roles, roles work towards specific objectives by performing learning and/or support activities, and activities are conducted within an environment that consists of learning objects and services.
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