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dc.contributor.authorLavonen, J.-
dc.contributor.authorVillalba-Condori, K. O.-
dc.identifier.citationLavonen, J., & Villalba-Condori, K. O. (2019). Collaborative Design and Implementation of Digital Tools in Education as Part of National-Level Programmes in a Decentralised Education System. Education in the Knowledge Society, 20, 23. doi:10.14201/eks2019_20_a23en
dc.description.abstractAn interesting characteristic of Finnish education policy is collaborative design of national and local-level strategy, development programmes and curricula. The planning of strategies, programmes and curricula typically begins with recognising the challenges and needs at the classroom, school and municipality levels. These programmes are then planned through a collab-orative partnership between the teacher’s union, Ministry of Education, universities and provid-ers of education, typically municipalities and several other stakeholders. The general aims are agreed upon in consensus, and these aims are discussed at the local level, modified and imple-mented in local contexts. After agreeing upon the aims, resources from the state and municipal-ity budgets are made available for the piloting and implementation of the aims. Three current programmes and curricula are here introduced and discussed in detail. The introduced devel-opment programmes were designed in the Basic Education Forum and in the Finnish Teacher Education Forum. Moreover, the preparation of the National Core Curriculum for Basic Education is introduced and analysed. Finally, the use of digital tools and environments in education is anal-ysed as a part of the preparation and implementation of the programmes and curricula.en
dc.publisherEdiciones Universidad de Salamancaen
dc.subjectCollaborative designen
dc.subjectDigital tools in educationen
dc.subjectDecentralised education systemen
dc.titleCollaborative Design and Implementation of Digital Tools in Education as Part of National-Level Programmes in a Decentralised Education Systemen
dc.title.alternativeDiseño colaborativo e implementación de herramientas digitales en educación como parte de programas a nivel nacional en un sistema educativo descentralizadoen
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